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[SOLVED] Using Simple Trainer for GTA V 4.0 but it keeps on spawn "peds" for no reason that are killing me

  • I have been using the Trainer for a couple of days without issue. When I got up to play this morning every time I use the trainer it keeps on spawning "peds" for no reason.

    Nothing has changed between last night and now and I have no idea why it is doing this. I even deleted the trainer and installed it again but it keeps on spawning "peds". Does anyone know what is going on?

  • @Rtoodtu Do the NPCs that try to kill you drive a red Turismo R (pic below)? If they do, they're most likely caused by the "Spawn a random attacking ped" feature that Simple Trainer has, the keybind for that is Page Up on your keyboard, but if you open the .ini you can disable it/change it to some other button. You could also try pressing the Page Up button on your keyboard while ingame to see what it does, that might fix it as well

    alt text

  • @Carrythxd no, they just spawn in. I also noticed a dog spawned in that acted like a body guard. He was dragging around a shotgun tho, which was weird.

    But I will give it a go to see if that helps

    edit: that did seem to fix it tho. Also thank you cause it is kind of fun spawning a ton of these guys

  • @Rtoodtu No problem! Glad that it fixed it :) Also yeah, it's nice to sometimes spawn those guys to mess around with them but it's annoying as hell when you accidently spawn them, haha

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