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I Will Create Your Custom Map!

  • Hey guys!
    If you want to have your own map, or have suggestions on what to design, be it a scene or a base map, just write to me or write it under this post!
    No matter if you want to have your own world where a party is on the beach or simply a campfire, please contact me!

    I don't know if you guys love something like this but give it a try!
    I will publish every map for the whole Community!

    If you are a Youtuber and need your requested map for your special videos, let me know and I will publish it after you have done your videos!

    Best regards


    @iBronex Are you able to do with as a dlc add-on or is this with Menyoo or Map Editor?

  • @DarthPungz Hey Darth!
    I will create the maps with menyoo and sometimes with map editor.
    As you know Menyoo has already a Map editor itself so it does not matter if I create it with Menyoo or Guadamaz Map Editor.


    Do you just use in-game resources and place them at locations or do you do custom models?

    I've been wanting a proper circuit for a while like Spa Francorchamps or the Nurburgring, but no such map has been made.

  • do Baltimore

  • @ikt @iBronex What ikt said, if these are custom resources I'm defiantly interested

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