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Bug reports to LeeC2202's Heli Effect Script

  • @LeeC2202 I guess it's better I start a topic here since it's a better place to leave the screenshots of how the script is on my game...

  • first of all....why is the dust in my game showing up like the smoke coming out of a heavily polluted factory :/ (Screenshot taken with R* Editor)
    alt text

    While on skyline's screenshot the dust actually looks like dust
    alt text

  • @LeeC2202 And by the way even with original helicopters the colour is still dark grey for me,even on the beach
    secondly,the dust is seemingly spawned from certain spots and formed a circle,while in your screenshot it formed a perfect circle,is this because of my low-spec?
    alt text
    alt text

  • At last,the script's support for two blade helis like the Osprey or the MH-47G seems broken on my game
    for the MH-47,the effect only applied to the front blade,while for the Osprey,the script just crashed...(the model name in my game is mh47g and cv22b,which is changed in the ini already )
    I'm going to include the log file below for you

    Edit: here's the error part in the log file,if you need the full log file,I'll paste that here as well (um and sorry for the chinese,since my system is in chinese,I'll try to get it translated)

    [05:35:54] [ERROR] Caught fatal unhandled exception:
    System.NullReferenceException: 未将对象引用设置到对象的实例。
    在 ‭‪​‌‍‬‪‭‎‭​‌‪‍‏‭‫‬‏‫‫‎‮‮.‍‮‌‫‭‪‌‬‍‮​‭‍‌​‎‬‬‭‍‪‍‏‭‎‮(Int32 )
    在 HelicopterEffects.cHelicopterEffects.‎‍‬‪​‪‍‍‫‬‬‏​‮‮‭‎‎‎​‭‮‎‍‮‮(Object , EventArgs )
    在 GTA.Script.raise_Tick(Object value0, EventArgs value1)
    在 GTA.Script.MainLoop()

    Edit2:I think the long sentence should be translated to :Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    as for '在' ,just replace the words with 'in' XD

  • And some screenshots of it so you can see what's wrong with the script in my game

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Elope The smoke instead of dust issue was present in the early versions, I found a temporary fix for it, but not sure if @LeeC2202 has found a fix.

  • @V4D3R but I was using the latest version of the script :<

  • @Elope Okay... I've only just got up, but I will try and cover things...

    One thing I will just say first off though, with regards to this "first of all....why is the dust in my game showing up like the smoke coming out of a heavily polluted factory".

    That is not only covered in the description of the mod on the mod page, it also has a dedicated video on the mod page that explains precisely that... and it has done for the 6 months it has been released. That applies to both the new and old versions. That shouldn't be a question anyone should be asking after all this time to be honest, because the answer has been out there for a long time.

    It was @V4D3R who found the solution for that but there is no fix for it. That's how the game works with particles in the editor and as you cannot script the editor, I have no control over that... I don't even have total control over their appearance in the game, as I will show later in this post. If you think it's messing up these, look what it does to my latest mod... and there truly is no fix for this, this is after a pause-jump trick.

    alt text

    Graphics mods will affect how things appear, time of day will affect how things appear, weather will affect how things appear. All of those things I have no control over... all I can do is choose a set of colours that work and the rest is unfortunately down to what the game does with those colours.

    As for the helicopter effects, here's that same Volito Swift on the beach in different weather conditions.

    alt text

    The particles are spawned at regular intervals based on the locations of a set of orbiting probes. Because of how framerate and monitor refresh rates vary, it is possible that the spawn positions could end up in roughly the same location on some machines, especially if certain specs dictate that those particles are spawned at different rates. I have 5 PCs but sadly, I only have one that is capable of running the game, so my only benchmark is what I see... and as you can see from those Swift shots, there is still some minor grouping but nothing like the problem you show.

    I have literally... and this is no exaggeration... sat for day's worth of time, with key controls letting me adjust timing by .5 of a degree, going through helicopter after helicopter to try and get this working, without showing this problem and it never does. There is always at least one that still shows the problem, the helicopter used in the parachute jumps is one of the biggest problems... I think it's a Maverick?

    If I change the timing to completely fix that, it will affect another with rotors that are a different size. This is all part of the process of trying to ensure that there are never too many particles to overload the system. In an ideal world, I would fire off multiple particles every frame and there would be no gaps at all... and you'd be playing the game at probably 5fps as a result. It does look pretty cool, in a screenshot, but it stops being playable.

    Of all the things in the game, translucent particles are the biggest killer of performance... the grass is effectively a large collection of the same things and look how those settings affect the game.

    And lastly... two-blade helicopters work fine. Did you add them as addons or replace? Did you add them to the correct sections in the ini file based on how you added them? As you can see, there is no problem with either of them... although that MH-47G is showing a bad problem with the grouping. :\ But it works on both rotors and the Osprey doesn't crash my game.

    alt text

    I have to go out for a couple of hours unfortunately now, and that means mingling with real-people, so it's not my favourite pastime but if you have any more questions... ask away.

  • @LeeC2202 thanks for the long and detailed answering :D
    And yeah..maybe I should check the graphic mod that I've installed...But I really dont know why the dust looks so dark grey instead of a brownish looking
    about the particle spawning,the thing is the particle in my game is not forming a perfect ring like how it is in your game,you can clearly see it looking like a few tear gas put in a circle instead of a ring caused by the rotor
    I kinda suck at describing what I'm thinking...
    so basiclly this is how the particle looks in your game:
    alt text
    and this is how it is in my game :
    alt text

  • @LeeC2202 And I installed the helis in add-on methods
    This is how the content of the ini looks like (the names of the vehicles are correct)
    my game doesnt crash,it just crashed the script and scripthookdotnet

    FX SCALE TWIN = 1.1
    FX NPC RANGE = 100




    DIRT BIAS = 3

  • @Elope Okay... if my first post seemed a bit grumpy, I apologise... the whole spawning thing in this mod has been one of the biggest nightmares I have had to deal with in modding, it became an obsession beyond belief. That on top of my lack of rational thinking when I just get up, means I can get a bit uppity/snippy. I have had food and time to chill now, so I should be better equipped. :slight_smile:

    Before I go any further, I would like you to try this version of the mod Helicopter Effects Increased Spawn Speed

    In fact, anyone who wants to can try that and if it proves to be fine with regards to FPS hit, I can upload that as the main file instead... I'm just not too sure if the effects are a bit too much with that spawn rate.

    Edit: If anyone is wanting to try that version, it is just the dll file, you must already have the mod installed from the main mod page first.

    That will spawn particles every 2 frames, which results in approximately 105 particles being active at any one time... but it gives much better coverage, although things like the MH-47G still aren't perfect. :( The version should show as v1.43-U

    I did try it with them every frame and this was the result... not pleasant.


    As for the crash, you didn't change any of the meta files in the Osprey to make the game think it's a helicopter did you? The mod expects that to be a plane because that's what it was originally designated as in the meta files. Helicopters and planes have different bones, so with the Osprey, it has Props, whereas helicopters have Rotors, so it has to look for the right bones in the right vehicle type.

    Other than that, simply changing the model name shouldn't affect it, as long as you have changed the name to match in the vehicles.meta file. I can check that though by making the change in the version I have got installed.

    Edit: Changing the name to cv22b caused no problems here. I made changes in vehicles.meta and handling.meta like this:

        <Item type="CHandlingData">

    Changed my ini file to this


    And changed the model names to cv22b.yft, cv22b.ytd and cv22b_hi.yft and it all spawned fine.

  • @LeeC2202 Haha, you sound like me when you first get up....I'm grumpy till I've had my cup of tea and a bacon sarnie ;)
    Mind if I try your 1.43 version cause I love this mod but I think I may have the same issues as @Elope (I can't actually remember if it does or not cause my brain forgets things too easily!!) and I haven't played since yesterday.

  • @krissboo I hate sleeping, it's wasted time, so I try and get by with as little as possible but I pay the price by being Mr Grumpy when I get up. Doesn't matter at home because I live alone but if I come on here too early in the day, that's where it comes out. :D

    Please do try that version... I would love it if that version works fine for everyone but expect big FPS hits... 105 translucent particles at that size comes with a cost.

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks man. I'm not sure my pc will handle that lol, but I'll give it a go anyways. I'll report back with the results though.
    And glad you're sticking around for now, I don't want to be the only old guy playing and (trying to) mod GTA v lol.

  • @LeeC2202 +1 upvote for hating sleep. :thumbsup:

    I don't have the latest version of your mod, but I don't get FPS drops during gameplay. In Rockstar Editor however, I get massive FPS drops. The closer the camera gets to particles, the bigger the FPS drop will be.

  • @V4D3R Yeah, the editor really doesn't like big particles at all... well, I don't think it likes any particles to be honest. There always seems to be an issue of one kind or another, it's a pain, especially when it affects things you just know people will want to use in editor screenshots. :(

  • @LeeC2202 Is the "smoke instead of dust" bug still there?

  • @LeeC2202 If you want another monkey tester, I'll help.

    University studying + moderating + approving mods + testing mods surely affects my mental health, but whatever. If you want help let me know.

  • @LeeC2202 Just an update - 1.43 works well for me. Only tested on the little sandy bits by Tataviam Mtns, and not sure if the water effects are intentional but boy do they look good to me :)
    @V4D3R I have dust not thick smoke by the way.

    Off to Vespuci Beach for a quick test :)

  • @V4D3R said in Bug reports to LeeC2202's Heli Effect Script:

    @LeeC2202 Is the "smoke instead of dust" bug still there?

    Yeah, it is in this helicopter mod. My latest mod doesn't seem to suffer from it but it does suffer from everything else, like scale and alpha value problems. I don't know what, or even if, there is a magic solution to it. I know I am not alone in this because Camxxcore is having the same problem with his tornado script.

    I just don't think the editor likes scripted stuff because my bus lights don't appear either. :(

    I think you have more than enough on your plate and I wouldn't want to add to that... but thank you for offering, it is appreciated.

    I am also starting to think that how this runs on each person's system is so unique, testing for how it appears is probably impossible. I think I have to just take them on a case-by-case basis and see what I can do to change things based on those reports.

  • @krissboo That's good to hear... those water effects caused me some hassle I can tell you. :D

    What with trying to find the right native that would detect all water, instead of just some of it, then going through every particle FX that had something to do with water... that was a bundle of fun. In the end, I was quite happy and I think the end result turned out to be worth the time invested in them. It's not perfect but it's not horrible either... so that's a win in my book. :slight_smile:

    The thing I always wanted with this, was for the peds to be affected by the dust... that would have made buzzing the beach so much more fun. As it is, scattering them with the rotor blades is about as good as it gets. :imp:

  • @LeeC2202 Ok so the dust is thicker at the beach as you said it would be, but it's not too bad although it's evening in game at the mo. And it's a full circle for me not like @Elope. I'm loving this mod by the way, I have no clue how you do what you do but keep on doing it because I really appreciate it :)

  • @LeeC2202 The water effects are one of my favourite bits. And buzzing peds out the way with the Chinook would be too much fun :)

  • @krissboo If you ever want to see what are my favourite bits, stick god mode on, go into the Grand Senora Desert and start a gunfight with the police. Get into one of the nice sandy areas and wait for the police chopper to appear and land.

    The first time I saw that, made all the hassle of getting this to work with the NPC helicopters all worth while. Watching the SWAT members appear out of the dust, guns blazing... it made me :D ... a lot.

  • @LeeC2202 Best go and try that now then. ;)

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