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A Way To Change Vehicle Interior Colour?

  • It would be cool to be able to change any vanilla vehicle interior colour, or even a two tone interior, that doesn't support Benny's. Is there possible a way without re texturing interior etc ? (I don't know much about making mods) If not some way to do it would be cool. Or atleast, if it requires some work, just in the luxury vehicles for example the Enus' and Gallivanters.
    I don't mind paying a bit if this is possible some way.

  • @ethannn_ well. you have to see which texture files those vehicles use. and then edit those texture files. but in gta 5 vanilla cars. some cars share the interior textures.

    not sure about luxury cars though. we can edit them easily in zmodeler 3 though.

    experiment and try out stuff. its really fun trying to learn and mod. if you have patience that is ;)

  • @FoxtrotDelta I do yeah lol. I just need Zmodeler 3.

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