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Changing vehicles to only specific ones

  • Hi, so long story short is I'm trying to change all the vehicles in the game to be car mods from the 1920's - 50's and I want to get rid of all the other cars from spawning. I've tried editing the popgroups.ymt but all that does is get rid of traffic completely and still leaves the original gta vehicles parked on the road. help!

  • @Alaannnn well the obvious things first is you need to download addon car mods. and you will not be able to replace all the cars in the game. Maybe around 20-25% of the original cars at most before you start having missing texture issues etc. Not you mention your fps will go down.

  • @Willief23 The issue isn't replacing cars, I've been able to get over 350 addon/replace car mods, the issue is trying to replacing all the vehicles in traffic with said mods and not having and original gta vehicles spawn in traffic or parking areas

  • ambientvehiclemodelsets.meta or something like this might be a thing you are looking for

  • @Alaannnn Never trust a Polack with issues that pertain to your gaming experience. JK JK @HeySlickThatsMe , we ALL know that Polacks are the "masters of their craft", LOL.

  • @eshenk said in Changing vehicles to only specific ones:

    @Alaannnn Never trust a Polack with issues that pertain to your gaming experience. JK JK @HeySlickThatsMe , we ALL know that Polacks are the "masters of their craft", LOL.

    @eshenk excuse me? do you know the guidelines of this community?

  • @FoxtrotDelta Man you people need to lighten up....it was a joke for crying out loud, hence "JK JK".

  • @eshenk Oh yeah, lemme just break every rule of this forum and put "JK JK" at the end. I'm sure that people will understand! /s

    Seriously, you need to follow the rules of this community. Making racist "jokes" and making insulting comments at users WILL get you banned.

  • @eshenk i can easily lighten up, but im a moderator and , my task is to enforce guidelines, and keep this place acceptible for all, im sorry but if i recieve any more reports here or main website , ill have to ban you and your uploads here on the website.

    We have been very understanding and very patient. Yours is the next move. Joke or not . please avoid offense.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @eshenk I'm Sorry but i'm going to send you to a Rehabilitation Center
    Please come back after your 'racist addict' jokes is gone.

    What a special snowflake, talking trash about 'everything' on this site, and still hasn't been banned. Really @administrators ?

  • @jkrzd keep your cool, he has been given a final. Warning.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Sorry i'm not really pissed off by him, just this Feasting thing triggers my anger. lol. I'm a muslim btw.

    Not sure if he gives a damn about the warning. Since a lot of people has been warned him (a lot), but he still doesn't respond.

  • @jkrzd Ramadan Mubarak :)

  • @AHK1221 i hope Ramadhan Ends sooner than later. Not because of the hunger or Feasting, but in here a lot of kids tend to use Firecrackers everytime to Celebrate Ramadhan and it's annoying

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