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Have the upload rules changed or something?

  • Edit: As @Reyser has pointed out, this has been on the site since January. I made an error with the upload date and thought it had been uploaded today. I apologise for my error, please feel free to lock/delete this thread.

    When I uploaded my recent mods, these rules were still in place.

    • Any files besides .zip, .rar, .7z and .oiv archives
    • Any file you don't have permission to upload, including part of other mods or mod packs
    • Any archive containing only original game files
    • Any file that can be used for cheating online
    • Any file containing or giving access to pirated or otherwise copyrighted content including game cracks, movies, television shows and music
    • Any file containing a virus or malware or any EXE file with a positive anti-virus result
    • Any file containing nude or semi-nude pornographic images
    • Any file depicting a political figure or ideology that is, at the complete discretion of the administrator, deemed to be something that will cause unnecessary debates in the comments section

    As there is now a mod menu that allows online cheating on the site, have these rules changed?

    This mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gta-5-trainer-25-options-infinity has 2674 downloads. so despite having a no-online cheating policy, we have now handed online cheating tools, to over 2500 people.

  • Woah...


    @LeeC2202 It's online since last January day and until now no one removed it. Maybe Rappo never noticed it's able to allow people cheat online, but maybe it's time to notice any of the new Administrators?

  • @Reyser Oh goodness... you're right... I read the last updated time instead of the uploaded one, so I thought it had gone up today. :(


    @LeeC2202 Np XD It doesn't matter if was long time ago or right now, if it allows to cheat online should be down as fast as possible.

  • @Reyser I only noticed it because I always have Show Latest Versions selected as the filter and it was there in the Scripts section, so I thought it was new. Even though I have that as the filter, I forget that I do. :blush:


    @LeeC2202 hahah I understand it :) I always use Latest Uploads and that's why I didn't noticed it was updated 4h ago.

    With Show Latest Versions it shows also the latest uploads? It would be great, because by any reason occasionally I miss good mods. I think the main website have 2 problems, one of them is recent and I think no one noticed it and this one that makes me check 4-5 pages of mods each week.

  • @Reyser If you have latest versions selected, it is easy to miss new mods because it doesn't show them, so you have to remember to switch between the two. If a new mod gets a quick update, then it will appear in that section as well.


    @LeeC2202 Okay thanks for the explanation, I'll keep Latest Uploads then :)

  • @LeeC2202 I've no idea who allowed it, but I can assure you it wasn't me, so far I've only approved some liveries and now I've to go through some registration, I'm holding back because my WiFi data limit has exceeded. I'll be able to use Internet tomorrow.
    This trainer is something like FLING, but has a "pro" feature where you have to pay to unlock all the features. Not sure if it'll work online.

  • @V4D3R said in Have the upload rules changed or something?:

    Not sure if it'll work online.

    I was going off this:

    "I do agree with people that said this does not belong here because this is a cheat menu made for more then grand theft auto alone. And yes with this you can mod online in Grand theft auto 5 And this is agains the rule's and guidline's if i remember.

    It's still safe but It it's agains the rule's of Gta5-mods.com"

    That was from someone who seemingly has used it for a long while, so I presumed they were correct. Of course, things could have changed but if it does let you play online... it puts the site in the firing line for helping people to cheat Rockstar.

    Looking through their website and it's lots of mixed messages... people organising online sessions with it (that was last year though), staff saying they don't support online cheating, another saying they're going to add a disclaimer to warn people that they will get banned for going online with it. It's all a bit vague...

    I did find it odd that when the author chose to answer questions on the mod-page, they chose to not clear up the online part of the problem. That and the comment about them not being sure if it would get approved... it's just lots of alarm bells.

    I don't know... I thought it was worth asking the question. Worst case scenario is that I am wrong but I can live with that, I'm used to it. Best case scenario is that a flag has been raised about something that could damage the site and it gets dealt with.

  • @LeeC2202 Wish you would just allow chat messages or join discord, because I can't say everything here.
    If it does support online cheating @administrators @FoxtrotDelta You better take it down before this site could get into trouble.
    And before you say to do it myself, I've explained why I can't in an early comment.

  • @V4D3R taken down.

    @LeeC2202 thank you for reporting it.

    i thought twice before approving that one and an other one which is also an .exe mod. But since it was approved 3 months ago by Admin, i thought it would be okay to approve it. now that it has been reported
    i took it down asap.

    Thank you everyone who has been supportive and been reporting stolen and otherwise non acceptable mods

    @Eddlm thanks for mentioning this on Discord server. That was the first place where i noticed it. just woke up and saw your message :) big thanks.

    @everyone please keep reporting Shady stuff if you can. Helps me do my task, till i am helping out. Soon moderation team will take over this task and we shall have more staff to be swift about such things.

    Edit: @LeeC2202 just saw your reported the file as well. Thumbs up. for using report button.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I think sometimes, people hesitate to report things in case they are wrong. To me, it's better that I am in the position to be wrong and to have asked the question.

    Me being wrong is a non-issue, me being silent and right has potentially bad consequences... so I am happy to take the risk, if the site's integrity is kept intact.

    @V4D3R If you look at my followers, you will probably find plenty of names that have never even posted on the site. Those kinds of people join the site, find the people with rep and PM them stupid question so they don't risk a ban by breaking any rules. I just don't have the time or patience to deal with them... not anymore. The choice was either block chat, or stop modding... there was no middle ground, I had to be selfish. :(

    Discord I will never join, I object to the policies they are governed by and having dealt with them on a person-to-person basis via email, they're a bunch of wan.... not very nice people, who basically don't give a flying -f*** about what people get up to on their servers, legal or otherwise.

    Moderators aren't governed by chat restrictions and if the matter is important enough, or is related to the site in a significant way, then utilise that. Just be aware that if my status is red, I might not respond immediately.

  • @LeeC2202 I can invade your profile and set the chat restriction to off, start a chat and then turn it on again, but that doesn't sound right. :slight_smile:

  • @V4D3R You can just start a chat, you don't need to turn anything off. I am going offline soon but if you want to test it... try it.

  • @LeeC2202 Can't till the chat restriction get turned off.

    I'll try out the extreme method later. Have a nice day!


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