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Replacing Gameconfig

  • If I replace my gameconfig with new ones, will it erase all my previous data ?

  • @roachspy What kind of data are you referring?
    If you meant save games, no it won't.
    Always remember to replace the gameconfig of the update.rpf inside the mods folder.

  • @roachspy What @V4D3R said. Always use the mods folder for everything. There's no reason not to. Also you can tell openiv to disallow editing of files that aren't in the mods folder. This has saved me countless times haha


    It can affect your game, make copy of the gameconfig that you're using now just in case

  • @Biggdogg changing your gameconfig might affect your storymode missions but theres a way to correct it by just changing one value. Besides from that changing gameconfig wont hurt your game.

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