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Map Editor / Menyoo glitch

  • I have a glitch and I'm pretty sure it's menyoo to blame. Things keep trying to spawn when I load a map. Please help ive already uninstalled and re installed them and it keeps happening


    @AUSSIE_LAD_96 Wrong section. Please, next time if you're having problems and want help, create a topic here:

    Topic moved to Installation Help & Troubleshooting.

    EDIT: As you've posted another topic here with the same problem, I've removed the old one. Please, next time don't create multiple topics, there's no need to do it and less in a wrong section.

    Thank you.

  • @Reyser what section should it be placed in?


    @AUSSIE_LAD_96 Now it's in the correct section.

    Everytime you'll need help, create the topics in Installation Help & Troubleshooting, that's this one.

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