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[VEHICLE] An actually good HQ GT86 mod

  • Most or even all of the GT86 on this site currently, are just ugly in my opinion. It's either too much camber, crappy rims, or just a shitty model in general. But the good GT86 models has no tuning options and just looks too plain.

    I tried converting http://gamemodels.ru/files/file/5687-toyota-gt86-rocket-bunny-gt-edition-15/ by my self with Game68240's tutorial, however since its in French it was way too difficult to follow and understand.

    I know there's actually a private decent looking GT86, but it's private so that sucks :/

    It would be very cool if someone would actually convert this Project Cars model, with all the tuning parts and stuff.

  • @FreezIn im doing donation mods if you are interested, sadly i have a busy routine so , for a while only donation mods are an option for me .

  • Will think about that lol, thanks

  • @FoxtrotDelta Nevermind, I got the car lol, thanks anyway

  • @FreezIn wow. you got it in 1 day. that was fast :) well good luck.

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