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Weapon Modding Help

  • Hey, glad you guys started up a forum, I was hoping this would be done!!

    Anyways, I need some help modding the weapons in V. I went to install some black weapon components, like the grip and the medium style scope, I dont like the green color on them both. Then I also installed the Better Buttheads Wood AK mod. I followed the instructions to my understanding. I also noticed that there are a few spots where the weapon files are located which makes it confusing. Once I was done installing my texture mods for the AK and a couple of components, I started up my game and the launcher went straight into an update, or so I thought. Once that was done I checked the stuff I changed in my game and nothing changed. The gun was the same and components. Checked the stuff i modded in OpenIV and everything was back to normal. My guess the game "repaired" itself. This is my first time modding weapon textures in V and I thought I was doing it correctly.

    Since there are multiple places to mod the weapons I was maybe thinking I did it in the wrong folder patchday3ng I think i used. Can anyone help me with the proper place to mod my weapons and components since they are in a few different folders. My game is currently up to date of course. I hope I make sense. All the mods I have done so far are script mods, not texture changing on weapons and such.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks guys.

  • @TrustNo1 I believe in order to get it to work in-game you have to replace ever version of the weapon in the dlcpacks folders.

    Do a search for the weapon with Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV.
    Copy over every DLC .rpf that contains the weapon, and replace every version of the gun in those copies.

    This is what I had to do to get it to work. But, I'm not certain. Seems like there should be an easier way.
    But, I'm like you. I mostly do script mods.

  • You need to add the weapon files to "\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday10ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\weapons.rpf", then they work. I've installed a couple of weapon models there (that also had attachments included) and they all work in the game.
    When it comes to models (such as vehicles and weapons) you should always put those models into the newest 'patchday' folder as long as there is a vehicles.rpf or weapons.rpf included in the folder. If there's no vehicles.rpf or weapons.rpf, then move onto the folder that is the second newest and so on :)
    Rockstar Games updates some vehicles/weapons in the game every now and then and includes the fixed models in the newest 'patchday' folder, every 'patchday' folder and every other location that might have the not-fixed vehicle in it gets replaced by the newest 'patchday' folder

  • @Carrythxd Today I learned something. Thank you!

  • @GTATerminal No problem! Glad to help :D

  • Ohhh i see, so I have to mod my weapons in the latest patchday folder. That makes sense now. The other way i did it and the game had to repair itself twice or something because I was modding in the wrong folders. Sweet, now I get to get rid of those ugly green attachments. When they update the game again would I have to re install the weapon mods I already did into the newest folder again?

  • Also about weapons in the game, I noticed this bad glitch during cut scenes. Weapons tend to be missing some if not all components, mags, suppressors, scopes and grips. During actual gameplay though, everything is fine. This started occurring on all platforms after patch 1.34 was released. Since I play this on PC now, I was thinking if it was possible to maybe fix this with a mod of sorts. Are any of you guys experiencing this as well? And If anyone has any idea how to repair this with a mod fix if possible. Check out the screens and let me know what ya think. Thanks for the help guys!

    alt text
    alt text

  • @TrustNo1 Yes, I would recommend installing the weapon mods always to the newest patchday folder if there's a weapons.rpf inside it.

    Also for the missing components, I'm pretty sure somebody would be able to make a mod that would fix those but atleast so far I haven't seen any mods that would fix that, although it might be that I've missed one if somebody has released something like that so it might be worth checking out the modding sites for the game!

  • @Carrythxd

    Yeah, I tried looking for a mod and requesting one to be made on gtaforums to fix missing weapon parts in cut scenes. Its kind of a bummer doing a heist and the carbine rifle is supposed to have a suppressor but its missing in the cut scene(loudNdumb Jewel Job). I could not find anything on a mod like this to fix this issue so I'm going to see if there is any mod request threads here.

    Also in my game the latest folder with weapon models in it is "patchday8ng" or something like that. I tried it again and it still did not work. So I gave up on that for now until i could get more info. I'm doing something wrong I just don't get what it is, lol.

  • @TrustNo1 Yup, there's a Request section on the forum, you can find it here :)
    Also, are you sure about the only weapons.rpf being in "patchday8"? Because for me the newest weapons.rpf is in the "patchday10" folder, located in "\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday10ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\weapons.rpf". Might be worth a check again, maybe you accidently missed it!

  • @Carrythxd

    Thanks for the link to the request thread! I'll have to post a mod request for the disappearing gun parts in cut scenes, thx R*.. Alright I just Checked my patchday10ng folder though. The only weapon located in that folder is the faregun? Nothing in patchday9ng and when I go into patchday8ng, every weapon and attachment is located there. Strange how my game is different than yours. I have the hard copy that is fully updated. Do you have the steam version? One thing about GTAIV, modding weapons was so easy.

  • @TrustNo1 No problem!
    Yes, the Flare Gun is only there, that's the only file in the "patchday10" file :P But, for me when I install weapon mods into that folder they work. It's worth a try to see if they work for you as well

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