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pc gta v takes too long to load

  • hi i was wondering if any one has any idea why my pc takes too long to load to the story mode : i have a hp xw4600 desktop workstation

    1. i have 8gb memory already maxed up

    2. evga 2gb 1050 video card

    3. o/s running windows 7 ultimate 64 bits. and it takes 10 - 15 minutes to load into the game. and before i bought the game brand new and never had any issues until all the updates on the game causing my game takes too long to load into the story mode .

    4. and also my friend has the same hp dektop as me he also has maxed up 8gb memory ,

    5. his vidoes card is lower than mines he has pny 730 video card,

    6. running o/s windows 7 and his pc takes about 5 minutes to load into the story mode and he doesn't have any issues on his pc.

    thank you




    Do you have a lot of folders or rpfs added to your mod folder? Do you have a lot of modded textures or replaced vehicles? What mods do you have installed?

  • Sometimes my game loads after 2 loading screens, sometimes takes more than 5 minutes. I'm not sure why, but I think @DarthPungz Could be right.

  • @hhuey29335050 get an ssd and you will thank me. You will cut your loading time in half or more on certain games. I can usually fully load the game on the 2nd screen with an intel ssd.

  • @hhuey29335050 The older the PC, the lesser you can do with it. My game takes roughly 2 and a half to three minutes to load, and my PC is very strong, but I also have tons of higher resolution textures, and my ped and traffic densities are about 10 to 15 x the vanilla state. The fact that you could even load without crashing is nothing short of a miracle, as most PCs will crash with a "this program was not responsive" after so long while loading. It's time for an upgrade, it really is.

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