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A run down of changes made to 5Mods this week


    Hello everyone,

    If you're wondering who I am then you can find a recap of recent events in Rappo's announcement and my own.

    This week we've been working hard trying to get to grips with Rappo's code, plugins and hooks for the website and the way it integrates with the forums. A few of you might have noticed a few glitches here and there but, for the most part, these have been patched up relatively quickly.

    Before I head off to a friend's wedding this weekend I wanted to give you a brief run-down of the changes we've made this week so people aren't left wondering "hang on, was it always like that?". We won't be making any changes over the weekend as we value time off and relaxation - non-stop coding simply leads to bad errors and sleepless nights!

    So without further ado, here's the changelog this week:

    • Increased the search results/category results back to 24 from 16. It dropped to 16 briefly as we removed the 3 square block ads from the search results along with the rows of results those ads were on.
    • Completely removed the 100MB file upload limit on 5Mods. You can now upload and download files of any size to the site without restriction.
    • Setup a moderation team of 10 individuals, handpicked by Rappo himself, to lead the moderation efforts on the site moving forward. Moderators can edit and approve files, remove file comments and moderate the forums. This involved an extensive reworking of the admin code that Rappo had only half-finished and may still have a few bugs in it.
    • Changed the upload form so you can tag your own files. This can only be done when you first upload your file and is designed to help the moderation team. Please be aware the moderation team might disagree with your tags when approving your files and whatever the moderation team decides will be final (but open to consultation moving forward).

    We've worked extensively on the admin tools this week, so this list is only half of the changes made but will be largely irrelevant to normal users. Moving forward we will be relying heavily on our volunteer team of moderators to keep the site clean and tidy for all of you, so it's important we provide the moderators with the tools necessary to do their job properly.

    While I have you here, please note that with this change towards a team of moderators you should now be reporting any issues you have with files or comments on the site using the report functionality. This will be the fastest and most effective way to have your issue be seen by the moderation team. Please please PLEASE do not "at mention" myself, MrMason or specific users but instead use the report functionality provided. That way, your report goes to the entire moderation team and not just one individual who may or may not be online anytime soon (case in point, MrMason and I are both away all weekend and will not be able to deal with any moderation requests if we're mentioned directly).

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  • Keep up the good work @Dark0ne

  • @Dark0ne said in A run down of changes made to 5Mods this week:

    Moving forward we will be relying heavily on our volunteer team of moderators to keep the site clean and tidy for all of you.

    You can start by getting rid of the laggy as fuck ads that usually appear above the description. Anytime one pops up there, the screenshots/videos for the mod don't fucking load. This only since Rappo left, wasn't a problem at the end of May.

    No hate, I'm just saying, this is really what makes the mainsite so shite right now.

  • @Dark0ne HELL YEAH! Thanks! Keep up the good work man.

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