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Need help with a car mod...

  • I Need some big help... I am new to modding but I have some amazing models...
    Let me know if you could help.

  • @DaDerpSquirrel you got me interested when you said i have amazing models :P so what's up how can i help?

    edit: but what is up with your profile picture :P

  • This will be my first car mod, it is a 2011 toyota GT, I have models but dont know where to go from there

    Whats wrong with my profile picture??


  • @DaDerpSquirrel it's a bottle . nothing wrong with it . just unique i guess :P

    you have to follow a youtube tutorial if you are a beginner . it will take lots of patience.

  • I Mean, can you help me convert a 3d model file to a ytd file??

  • @DaDerpSquirrel it's a yft file. sure i can but not for a few weeks. as i have some VIP mods to complete first. if no else has helped you by that time . i'll have a look but no promises. as time is one thing i don't have much.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I have an .obj and a .3ds version of the model.

    Hows my profile pic now?

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