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New PC - GTA V won't work

  • Hey Guys,

    I bought a new PC a few weeks ago and wanted to install GTA V again. I downloaded the Launcher and downloaded the game.
    But when I want to start GTA V through the launcher it crashes shortly after the loading screen appears.
    I already tried to start with admin permission -> no success
    GTA V FileChecker -> no success
    Updated my graphics card driver -> no success

    My PC:
    Intel i5-7600K
    ASUS Z270F Gaming Mainboard
    ASUS GTX 1070 OC
    16GB DDR-4 Memory

    Thanks for helping in advance!


  • @AToN_ Assuming you're starting off with GTA V vanilla and not a modded GTA V, have you tried?

    • Starting in GTA V Safe Mode
    • Running in Windowed Fullscreen Mode:
      Go to \Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Settings.XML, look for line <Windowed value="2" /> and set the value to 2.
    • Disabling GPU optimization such as Nvidia GeForce Experience or other third party software.
    • Disabling overlays such as Steam Overlay, FRAPS, Shadowplay, Overwolf, etc.
    • Setting your CPU/GPU clock speeds to normal.

    What version of Windows are you using, and if it's Windows 10, did you update to the Creators Update? Also, do you get any error messages?

  • @Richie01 Well..I found out, that when I start my game und open windows or something else and the game starts in the background, everything works --> Game starts. But when I click with my mouse at GTA V to play it, it crashes.

    Im using Windows 10. Where can I find the creators update?

  • @AToN_ said in New PC - GTA V won't work:

    Where can I find the creators update?

    See here how to check for Creator's Update. The update is problematic to gaming among other applications.

    So basically the game crashes on focus. Do you have any USB game controllers or adapters plugged into your PC? I've read where this could cause the game to crash on focus, and unplugging the USB controller resolves the crash issue.

    Do you have a Razer gaming mouse?

  • @Richie01 I unplugged my external hard drive and my joystick and now it works!
    Thank you so much dude! :)

  • @AToN_ said in New PC - GTA V won't work:

    @Richie01 I unplugged my external hard drive and my joystick and now it works!
    Thank you so much dude! :)

    Awesome, I'm glad to have helped! :D I'll mark this as solved and lock it.

  • @AToN_ Before I lock it, do you mind saying what joystick brand/model it is? We could further eliminate the problem by identifying the .DLL that is crashing the game.

    It's fine if you don't wish to proceed with this matter any further.

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