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[SCRIPT] Police appearing when a gunfire starts



    As title says, my request is a script that detects when a firefight starts on the streets, and then, a worried ped/s call police, or if a police car is around the conflict zone, they'll call reinforcement, and depending how's going the firefight, they'll call SWAT.

    I think (I don't know if this request was made before or not, but I didn't saw something like this) would be great to have something like that to add a bit more realism.


  • That really sounds like a great mod idea, do firefights even occur often?


    @aidenpatrickPGH On my game yes, because if I start shoting someone, other street peds will start shoting me and between them. That's happening because I'm using a mod that let peds have guns, If I'm not wrong is Strapped Peds by jedijosh920. This mod combined with my idea will be perfect for a more fun/realistic in-game experience.

  • @Reyser Definitely. I wish I had more experience with Script mods, this would be next.

  • @Reyser but o_0 that's what already happens? lol


    @AuthorSaulAlan No, when a firefight occurs on the street, only if a police car is around the zone, it will stop and try to kill them, but they don't call reinforcements or SWAT. Otherwise, if no police car is around the firefight zone, they don't appear, only emergency vehicles like Ambulance and firefighters.

  • @Reyser ohh right i getcha

  • @Reyser Nice idea

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