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LSPDFR & Wanted Levels

  • I installed RAGEPluginHook, LSPDFR and a bunch of other plugins for LSPDFR, only to find that the latest RPH doesn't support my current (latest) GTA V Steam version.

    I kept everything installed so that whenever RPH supports my current version I could play, but I think it has affected me getting wanted levels. Even after un-checking/selecting all possible options in Simple Trainer that prevents cops from dispatching and getting wanted levels, cops still wont dispatch.

    Any idea of how can I fix this without removing LSPDFR files? It does require ScriptHook V, so it's probably a DLL folder in the root directory, but the only DLL LSPDFR adds is called "LMS.Common.dll" All the other DLLs are either separate mods from this website or from RPH.

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