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Can someone please post a pic of x64 folder?

  • Not the one in the update folder the one below it


    @Simulacrumgamer Here's mine:

    • audio, data folders and metadata file are the only things are inside this folder.

    Why do you need that?

  • well i install my mods uninstalled them and then went to go online then in x64 there was a bunch of random stuff from mods i needed to know what was there originally, i dont even know how it got there i never even messed with that file, also just wondering do you know how to remove how you can remove the program that opens a file, ex you click on something and choose open with notpad then every thing like the file that you opened suddenly when you click on it open with note pad.


    @Simulacrumgamer Well, maybe the best will be using a clean version of your game reinstalling it to avoid problems with Online.

    About changing default program to open files, you can do the next:

    1.- Go to the path where's any of the files that are affected.
    2.- Select any of them and doing right click, press Open with... option.
    3.- Select the desired program and mark the checkbox Use always this application to open ".extension" files.

    Done. Now every file with such extension should open with the program you've selected.

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