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[SCRIPT] IceCream V

  • Hello,

    I have an idea for a new mod / script for GTA V. I think this mod / script is easily feasible.

    My idea is:

    There are Ice Cream Van 1 & Ice Cream Van 2 on the mod website. Then there is still the Drug Trafficking Mod. With the Drug Trafficking Mod you get a Taco car if you reach level 4. You could use this Drug Trafficking Mod to overwrite the Script. That sells instead of drugs rather sells ice. And instead of the Taco car the Ice Cream Van & Ice Cream Van 2.

    How I came to this idea?:

    In my childhood the ice cream man always came with his car and rings until all the children came out. We bought each day at least a bulletproof ice cream of ice cream. that were good times.

    That would be so much fun to sell ice cream on a warm day.

    Maybe someone of you can get it to GTA V:

    @NotCrunchyTaco, @jedijosh920, @Guadmaz, @sollaholla or @TylerEspo.

    @TylerEspo could add it in his JobsV Mod. A job as an ice man could be funny.

    Some pictures to know what I mean:

    Screen 1

    Screen 2

    Screen 3

    Screen 4

    What I expect from this Mod?

    • Sell Ice Cream
    • Several ice cream varieties
    • Some can buy 2 balls of ice cream
    • A Job as an Ice Cream seller
    • Open a Ice Cream Shop not only Ice Cream Van

    The possible cover:


    Think about it.

    Best regards.


  • This post is deleted!

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