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long hair for female character

  • i want long hair for female character

  • and i want 200 million dollars, doesnt mean we all get what we want.

  • @Willief23 Lol comparing a mod to 200 mil dollars is far-fetched if you ask me xD

  • @AHK1221 i was just making a point that we dont all get what we want. Especially when its a noob that just joined up to request something cause that never ever happens...

  • @willief23 I was always taught that I want doesn't get. Unless you're holding up a bank with a shotgun then it probably works in that situation ;)

  • Hilaruous haha.

    Someone might take the request buddy, if you provide a model you will have a better chance at , getting your request accepted.

    Donation offer wouls almost always work.


  • i forgot that Stand-alone game only have three men character, no female character
    and i forgot online can't use mod!

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