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GTA 5 model conversion

  • Hi I've made a model and it's currently in an .OBJ format can anyone convert this to GTA 5. It's not already converted to gta

  • Yeah, im having the same problem

  • @Jokez-and-gamez it's called rigging. and it takes like 30 hours of work to rig a model to gta 5 workable state.

    if you have a rare model and someone finds it interesting. they will help you out for free. who ever has time.

    otherwise offer a donation. works every time :P

    and oh yea. picture of the model or name of the model is also helpful for people to have idea of what you are talking about. like a car? what car? what type? what make? what size?

    is it an aircraft a boat? a Ped character? a Map?

    so these details will be really helpful in getting you information you need. ")

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