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ap ii intense mod menu

  • hello guys can any genius here do ap ii intense mod menu for pc would be so fucking amazing because i like that paint mod for cars

  • Why do you want that specific menu? There are so many others on here. Also if you want to hack online, this isnt the forums for you.

  • The color menu doesnt exist for pc i searched the whole google and tryed 1000 trainers but no one have it i dont want it for online

  • If u know any modmenu like that for painting pls tell me would be really happy


    Do you mean you want to be able to set RGB values for the color yourself?

    Simple Trainer seems to have that.

  • i mean the pearlescent color

  • @bomlaka Like Metallic paint with Secondary Color in Enhanced Native Trainer?

  • newI'm ps4 my to tablet my from cars my get me help you Can

  • or one mod menu who have fluro blue as perlescent

  • @Rarefacer no bro

  • @bomlaka Record a video and show to us the exact feature.

  • @Rarefacer here mate

  • @Rarefacer the same mod menu would just be a dream

  • @bomlaka So is about RGB colors direct customization and not the default colors from vehicle colors data. The way to do that, are these native functions:

    ◦void SET_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_PRIMARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int r, int g, int b) // 7141766F91D15BEA 8DF9F9BC
    p1, p2, p3 are RGB values for color (255,0,0 for Red, ect)

    ◦void GET_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_PRIMARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int *r, int *g, int *b) // B64CF2CCA9D95F52 1C2B9FEF

    ◦void CLEAR_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_PRIMARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle) // 55E1D2758F34E437 51E1E33D

    ◦BOOL GET_IS_VEHICLE_PRIMARY_COLOUR_CUSTOM(Vehicle vehicle) // F095C0405307B21B D7EC8760

    ◦void SET_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_SECONDARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int r, int g, int b) // 36CED73BFED89754 9D77259E
    p1, p2, p3 are RGB values for color (255,0,0 for Red, ect)

    ◦void GET_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_SECONDARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int *r, int *g, int *b) // 8389CD56CA8072DC 3FF247A2

    ◦void CLEAR_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_SECONDARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle) // 5FFBDEEC3E8E2009 7CE00B29

    ◦BOOL GET_IS_VEHICLE_SECONDARY_COLOUR_CUSTOM(Vehicle vehicle) // 910A32E7AAD2656C 288AD228
    Check if Vehicle Secondary is avaliable for customize

    I not have time but any script modder can create a exclusive script to handle this for customized colours.

  • @Rarefacer u have any video or a tutorial how to paste it and use it

  • @bomlaka If you already know any .NET programation language essential knowledge, you can do the script. If not, firsts you need to learn programmation focused to objects like the used for GTA V.

    Here a start to learn for GTA V:


    Have you even tried Simple Trainer V? :/

    It has just that.


    idk why you seem to try to avoid the answers

  • @ikt bro i tryed it dont have some colors like pearlescent fluro blue and some other colors can u add it maybe bro but always thanks for interesting

    @Rarefacer i never did something with .NET programation


    Fluorescent Blue is called "Blue 2 (Classic)" and can be chosen for pearlescent...


  • @ikt thank you so much <3

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