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Disappearing traffic

  • When I'm driving, as any character, random traffic disappears. They will be driving in front of me, maybe on the other side of the road, stopped at red lights, etc. They will disappear when I get too close to them. I only have 2-3 mods installed.

    OpenIV - ScripthookV - ScripthookVdotnet
    openCamera V
    Enable MP Cars
    Character Clothes Mod

    I'm very new to GTA 5 modding so if this seems weird or obvious, then I apologize. Nothing I'm doing right now with this modding is obvious to me, yet. Thank you!


    @sleepingGojira Can you try if it still happens if you remove the following mods?

    • openCamera V
    • Enable MP Cars

    Let me know if the problem persists after removing them.

  • Picture of game root files will help

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