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How to find peds not broken up into lower uppr and head but instead as one whole body,

  • aswell ones with accesories and that are not also broken up
    e.g somtimes when rigging i use mods ive downloaded because they come as one whole and not broken up into lower uppr and head which makes it easier to rig , but i want to find the location of the original models in the game and find models as one whole piece with accesories

  • @gtav_KWABZ Well, the correct analogy is "streamed peds" - the ones which are broken up into pieces and "normal peds" - the one which is a whole body.

    As for finding them, all the peds which are in "componentpeds_blablabla" rpf are normal peds while all the peds in "streamedped_blablabla" rpf are streamed peds. So whenever you are in a componentpeds rpf you will know that it contains normal peds. You can use Ctrl + F3 in OpenIV to search for all componentped archives in the whole game.

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