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MapEditor object list TOO big!

  • I'm using MapEditor + Community Races to make a race in modded SP. However, navigating through the entire MapEditor objectlist is way too big! Not even the expandedobjectlist.ini, but the regular objectlist.ini just has me confused, and half my time is spent looking and searching for objects with no favorite button, categorization, etc.

    Are there any expansions to MapEditor that allow this? Or an objectlist.ini that only contains the props from GTA Online's content creator?

  • anyone?

  • @BinaryGreen Use Menyoo for maps. Has a lot more awesome features. You can see the preview of objects before spawning them, favorite objects, etc etc.

  • There is only one way to find your desired prop or road etc.
    First you will have to start MAP-EDITOR by pressing F7 and then press F KEY to spawn prop and move your cursor on search box or just simply press SPACE-BAR and type track if you want to spawn track and search all tracks till you find your desired track you can do same thing to other props too tell me if it worked for you or not. if it doesn't then tell me the reason.

  • @BinaryGreen open prop menu
    press space
    type " stt_ "
    scroll and find prop you want

    you can also search for two different word at same time
    press space
    type " stt_ and track " for exemple

    @AHK1221 you can see the object too in map editor else would be hardcore and the search function is better than menyoo since it permit to search two word ;P

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