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How to replace the 3 main characters with addonpeds permanently?

  • SO I posted this question int he wrong topic earlier. Anyways I wanted to know how to make an addonped replace the 3 main characters. I know how to do it with other peds but I dont know how it works with he main characters. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Not as easy as you might think, but it requires the ped to be a streamed ped i.e. have separate files for each component and have a folder that contains them, instead of just having the 4 files (.ytd, .yft, .ydr and .ymt) which makes it a normal ped.

    Alternatively, you might want to check out @Unknown-Modder's Character Swap mod which basically (through script) changes the player model to any of your added peds while still being able to play missions and stuff. Its not a simple mod that just changes your skin.

  • @milkycoco777 @V4D3R By default modding standards, you should just be able to find a file that determines what characters to call the "player(s)" upon starting.

  • @krashadam Wonder how I got into this thread. :thinking:

  • @V4D3R Yeah sorry, thought I clicked into a post about a chrome tanker trailer, I was trying to respond to you, but I ended up getting you into a different thread instead. :s

  • This post is deleted!

  • @krashadam No one has explained how, or done a tutorial Video Yet.
    Could you figure it out and share it with the modding community?

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