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mod for art project

  • Hi guys,

    New to the site/forum so hope i'm posting it in the right place.

    For an art project am looking for a mod in GTA 5.
    What I want:

    • When you start gta 5 the view starts at an given place and angle.
      This cannot be changed, or only with special input.
    • The player display is gone, also no pop ups, calls etc.
    • The time of the day can be set and stopped (optional)
    • The weather should go on like normal, so it can rain and stuff.

    So it more or less acts like a security cam but the "sun time" is always the same.

    Let me know if this is possible or already out there. Got a small budget for making it possible.

    Kind regards.

  • Hi guys,

    So no luck yet. Do you guys think it's possible?

    As I said, I do have a budget for the work so you can make some money with making this mod-thing.

    Would love to get some response ;)


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