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[VEHICLE] Updated/Changed Benefactor Serrano

  • Could someone possibly update/change the Benefactor Serrano for me? I want it to basically be a 2014 Mercedes Benz ML Class or a 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE Class. (maybe some slight differences) rebadged as a benefactor serrano - GTA5 quality so it doesn't harm performance / it blends in with the GTA5 world & cars.

    Here's some 2014 ML Class pics :100:
    Here's some 2017 GLE Class pics:
    Thanks! Iam willing to pay a reasonable amount.

  • @ethannn_ i have 2014 and 2016 models of this vehicle. Top quality models, you want a totally new model? 50$ donation?

    I have ML and GLE both versions.

    Could be edited to your likeing.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Ok thanks. I'll consider this :)

  • @ethannn_ for vanilla edits 20$ would be enough.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Oh wow lol thanks. :)

  • @ethannn_ if its smaller details nothing big, 10 $

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