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More TV Channels

  • Hi all,

    I love playing GTA 5. However I feel it is a big shame that there are only 2 TV channels to choose from, which in opinion is boring. Could someone please create a mod which increases the number of TV channels to a more true to life quantity?


  • @AGLGTA5M1 Is necessary to use scripting feature to handle videos in game props and is not 100% doable by problems with material ID and shader. Other issue is the video encoding, short videos can be reenconded for GTA V, but sometimes, longer videos (more than 5 minutes) can look weird and make crash the game.
    Finally, load on memory external big files can be a trouble and overload the game, if someday can be possible to handle a TV prop to play desired external videos like channels. Is there some mods about TV videos in game, but not for add other TV channel, only replace.

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