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Implementing a traffic simulation in GTA V using MOD?

  • Hello. I am studying how to use machine learning to avoid traffic accidents in autonomous driving in GTA V
    I have some questions about implementing a traffic simulation in GTA V:

    1. How can I define a traffic flow (i.e., control every car) in region of a city?

    2. How can I control traffic signals and modify the behavior of a car in response to a traffic signal?

    3. How can I control the behavior of pedestrians?

    4. How can I define a road map in a city?

    I hear that some MODs for GTA V can provide some of the above functions.
    I would appreciate if you can tell me what they are.

    Actually, I am also looking into implement a MOD myself.
    Can you tell me which software tools I should use to hack into GTA V to turn it into a traffic simulator?

    Thank you very much for your reply.


    Mods can be written for GTA for the following libraries:

    and then a bunch more.

    For machine learning in GTA V for vehicles, something has already been developed:
    DeepGTAV. You might want to see how they read and write things to the game.

    For controlling ped and vehicle behavior you can assign them tasks to drive or walk to some point, or do some action. These can be controlled with natives.

    Not sure about traffic signals and your last question.

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