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[C#] [NativeUI] Deleting a sub-menu at runtime?

  • Hi guys, I want to delete a sub-menu at runtime. Is it possible to do it? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Can't you simply not run var submenu = myMenu.AddSubMenu(menu, "MenuToDelete") and anything that depends on submenu?

    In the examples, simply having an if(thing) { AddMenuAnotherMenu(mainMenu); } would probably do what you're asking.

  • Yes, But I think he means having the ability to actually remove it. If a condition is true, remove a menu that's already been added.

    I see there is AddSubMenu, but is there a way to if(condition) { myMenu.RemoveSubMenu) ?

  • I haven't used NativeUI, but try RemoveItemAt with the index of your submenu. You'll need to call RefreshIndex after. (Dynamic add/remove menu items)

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