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[wip][script]Fidget Spinner Weapon

  • Hello community, I have a wip mod created with a fidget spinner.
    I was looking for an experiences DEV to create a fidget spinner script

    Features Id Recommend in this mod:

    • Utilize a Weapon that spins 360 degrees.

    • Can be thrown as object (spinning) at people; damage things.

    • It should return to player like boomerang.

    • Player should be able to walk around with it in Hand (spinning in hand at will)

    NOTE:I have spinner model created so nothing will be needed in that aspect.

    Looking to workout "business relation$" quickly to whoever can create one and show me a script of it working first!

    Here is a video of the basic script mod I have of it done so far but Im looking for something that can utilize. Ill be in touch!

  • I was going to post a meme again, like this one:

    alt text

    But the image of a giant hand spinning those cars away actually made me laugh a little, so kudos to you.

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