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Need Help ScriptHookV Critical Error

  • Anyone can help me to find way out this problem?i got msg "Script Hook V Critical Error Unknown game version" check http://dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/

    I using the latest version of scripthook "v.1.0.1032.1" but i always get that problem when i try to launch the game...

    Pls help me.. Thanks and sorry for my english so bad, :)

  • Pic of gtav game root files will help

  • @Biggdogg im using pirated games anyway..and i just read FAQ ,"Pirated games are not allowed to be discussed isnt?"

    So i just want to ask, Can this mods be used for pirated games? Thanks for the answer

  • I figured that it was pirated that's why I asked for pic of files;)


    @Arieefff You can but at your own risk and we don't want to continue talking about pirated games, it's not allowed here as you've said.


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