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Backing up a clean install to make reinstalling easier than downloading game again (steam version)

  • I install, mod, get a little too crazy adding stuff, delete (format) the entire game & steam off my external hard drive then start over completely....

    After doing this 20 times, I'm kinda tired of downloading it. So I want to ask, is the Rockstar backup the best way to back up your entire game (for backing up a clean install/before mods are installed).

    Also, after i start modding, if I want to back up the entire game with the mods online----can I just place my entire GTAV folder (Steam Version) into a compressed (zip) folder in Windows 10? Will that work? I tried the modded version w/ Steam's backup and it didn't seam to save my mod and script folders.

    I have only had the PC version for about 4 months, and I'm not really a PC person--I'm more of a Mac guy so it's been a very long time since I've had a PC on a regular basis--prob 20 years..


  • Use a mods folder.

    Did you ignore the 20000 warnings OpenIV shows when editing files outside the mod directory?

  • @ikt Then talk to the guy who wrote the Superman, Hulk, Ironman and Ghost Rider mods. They install outside the mod folder.... I didn't write it, I just use it.

    Not to menton there's a crap load of mods that insist things be installed in the main GTAV root folder...

    The scripts folder is outside the mods folder, per a lot of what mods instructed to do... If that can go into the mods folder, that's news to me.

  • Script mods don't modify game resources and can be installed safely. To disable all of them only dinput8.dll needs to be disabled (the .asi loader).

    A fully modded game using the mods folder can be reverted back to unmodified by just disabling the asi loader.

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