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Invalid model issue

  • Hi there , recently i have been downloading mods from here And they were all replacement , since a week i have been trying to install add on and its not working i did the excat same steps required but still cant make it happen , i do everything and when i try to spawn the add on it says invalid model pls help me i have suffering from this issue

  • @1Theone1 you need a good gameconfig. Try mine. Start at folder 2 and work your way up till you find a folder that works. Since everyones game is different with a random amount of mods i have multiple folders but folder 2 or 3 should work for you.


  • @Willief23 i tried installing the gameconfig , for now i tried the 0 a and b and 1 , i tried them and it takes for ever to load the story mode i dont if it ends or not , i have been waiting in the loading screen for each one about 15 mins and didnt work pls help i have gta 1.0.350.1 version and a very low grahpic cards with 10 giga memory

  • Cr@cked


    @1Theone1 Sorry but we do not support piracy and you're using a Cracked game copy. Read our Community Guidelines please, thanks.


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