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Turkish UH-60 Blackhawk converting (From GTA SA)

  • **Hey guys ...

    From a long time i see a turkish blackhawk model (with its original skin in real life) in gta san andreas ,,, can any one please convert this model to gta 5 or at least put the same skin for SkylineGTRR34Freak UH-60 blackhawk model**

    alt text
    alt text
    alt textalt text

    The link of the mod : https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/helicopters/90671-atak-129-heli.html

  • Any one please !!!

  • @alrefai it s easier to use blackhawk by skylinegtrfreak and to change texture ;)

    U must find a "photoshoper" xD
    3 colours in same direction (normally 1 day is ok)

    try to call " @emcazey " about this project (only one turk photoshoper is good "my opinion")

    And sorry i can't to help u (personnal reason)

  • @Voltrock his is also better quality.

  • @Voltrock i have a good knowledge about using photoshop ,,, but this texture i face some problems to convert it ..

  • @alrefai you can take those textures and give them to skylinegtr freak he can make it uv mapped easily. if he has time.

  • @FoxtrotDelta u mean these files bro
    alt text
    alt text

  • @alrefai yes give it to him. and he can uv map it on to the helicopter. his helicopter.

  • @FoxtrotDelta @SkylineGTRFreak UH-60 was removed due to a [false] copyright claim, although I think he has others...

  • @nathanjamesddg151 that's sad.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 no problem can use it in the MH-60 nighthawk

  • Nothing new !!!!!

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