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New to GTA Modding..Help or Tips?

  • I've just recently bought GTA5 for my pc. I have played other games such as The Forest, My Summer Car, Subnautica, ect. I have no issues with the ScriptHookV and Native Trainer. What confuses me is add-on car mods. An example of one that really gets me is the 1970 440 Dodge Challenger. Anyone wanna help a noob out and help me get a bearing on how to replace the files in OpenIV?

  • @Shadow223 You can find a tutorial on how to install add-on vehicles from the Tutorials section of the forums. If you scroll down a bit you'll find a tutorial on how to install add-ons :)


  • Thanks guys. I actually found out what I was doing wrong. The car I was trying to add was a 72' Chevelle and 70' Challenger they were replacement mods. I was trying to do the Add-On method.

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