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[CAR UPGRADES] Gallivanter Baller/Baller LE/Baller LE LWB SVO Design Packs

  • Hello, I was wondering if someone could make an SVO Design Pack Body Kit from Range Rover's Special Vehicle Operation? (SVO). I was wondering if you could make them for The Gallivanter Baller, the Baller LE, and the Baller LE LWB?
    In real life they are available on all the Range Rovers.
    I was wondering if they could also be a secondary colour?

    Here's some pictures from the Range Rover website:

    0_1496857411475_Range Rover Vogue SVO Design Kit 2.GIF

    0_1496857900354_Range Rover Vogue SVO Design Kit 3.GIF

    0_1496857924096_Range Rover Vogue SVO Design Kit 4.GIF

    0_1496857934580_Range Rover Vogue SVO Design Kit 5.GIF

    0_1496857962428_Range Rover Vogue SVO Design Kit.GIF
    Thanks! Iam willing to pay for this

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