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[Vehicle] Firefall

  • This, This right here will be a great mod http://www.westcoastcustoms.com/showroom#firefall its a almost futuristic camper van the best one you've ever seen if someone could make this that would make it on the featured mods for sure 100% and add everything thats inside the model Dope Van
    alt text

    alt textalt text

    i would love this vehicle but the thing is...
    ...i don't want to pay for it tho

  • It's a cool idea but this truck would take a very very long time to model accurately. Then someone would have to convert it also which would be 20 hours at least. So there's an extremely small chance of anyone ever making this mod without anyone funding it.

  • @baneofpoo2 Models like this are over 150 bucks as least (creation from scratch) and 3 months of time to delivery converted to GTA V.

  • @Rarefacer yea exactly why I don't want to pay lol I wouldn't spend this much money for something in a game but someones who's willing to do it can do it most of these mod creators look like they have time on there hands unlike me who's got a job they probably have jobs to Idk probably YouTube and donations from here

  • @baneofpoo2 Yeah some have time on their hands but time is money and a project like this will take months to build and would take a lot of effort also. It's just not going to happen unless donators will sponsor someone (or a team) to build the mod.

  • @jspeed yeah unfortunately i couldnt do it i dont pay for zmodeler or any kind of model creator zmodeler is expensive and looks complicated i dont think i could do it

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