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Customise hookers possible?

  • Hey guys, first time poster here. I have a fairly good grasp on modding as I have been doing it on GTA5 and other games (skyrim, ksp, fallout4, etc). I have been reading quite a few tutorials on gta5 and have managed to be able to mod it.

    However I've been trying to start customising the hookers in my game with some hot add-on models in the site. What I do is download one of the custom characters, rename the ytd, ymt, yft and ydd files to s_f_hooker_0.ytd etc and load the game.

    They appear in game, they stand there in the street and do the hookerposes but they just won't get in the car. The dialog doesn't pop up and they just stand there.

    Seems to me that one of the files (yft or ymt) must be causing it. I understand that the .ydd files are the geomerty (or meshes?), the .ytd files are the texture variants, but what are the yft and ymt files? does any of those contain anything that might mess with the in game interactions?

    Any feedback or help point me to the right direction would be greatly appreciated and if I can figure it out I may even make a tutorial.

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