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Multiple copies of GTA 5 installed simultaneously

  • I want to have more than one modded game set-up playable.
    For example-

    My GTA 5 is modded with all modern vehicles, weapons, retextures, etc.
    -But -
    I decide I want to play GTA with all retro 1970's era mods. Ideally I could exit one session and then access the other with a different .exe/launcher but I haven't figured out a way.

    Is this really easy to do and I'm just overthinking a simple process?
    Do I need to create another user profile on my pc and install the separate version there?

    Switching out dozens of mods constantly tends to take a toll on one's mental health especially hard-headedly forgetting to backup files before R* updates do the uninstalling for me nearly every time.

    ANY holler in the right direction would be appreciated.


    You can use 2 different mod folders

  • @Biggdogg Ok thats a start. But everytime I try to take backup my mod folder i seem to lose stuff when it returns to game. Is it just a matter of backing up the individual archives?


    @kinghippo2000 That's weird I never lose anything while doing a backup. Easy way copy paste mods folder to desired location

  • @Biggdogg Well shit dude I never had enough common sense to make two separate mod folders so I probably was doing some dumb shit in the process and fucked it up. Anyways dude appreciate you answering that question it has been in back of my mind for a little shy of two years. In recent months though I've had more free time and I finally had to make a thread and ask so thanks dude!


    Anytime bro

  • Not sure if it helps, but in case you own two different copies of GTA 5 you can also keep them simultaneously!
    I have the DVD/Social Club Version and also the Steam Version.
    I was able to install them both without troubles.
    In my case the Steam version is the "clean GTA" and the Social Club Version is modded.
    They share the savegames, so there is only one thing you should note: Make sure you save your Game in a good ingame location that is not modded.
    In my case I have add-on cars. So if I save while sitting in an add-on car and load the savegame with the clean Version it crashes during startup. So I always make sure to save inside the savehouse (or somewhere else where no mods are active)

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