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50 Cal Machine Gun Sound

  • Hi There I am trying to find and Replace The Insurgent Machine Gun Sound with its Realistic Sound but I don't know where are the file Located can anyone help me.

  • Weapons.rpf or resident.rpf
    Don't know the exact names of the audio files but you might eventually find it
    Keep in mind that rockstar uses Few sound files for one Weapon hash
    the best way is to put the game in slowmotion and hear the sounds for yourself

  • @HeySlickThatsMe
    That's Also A good Idea Thanks I was also searching these Folders it but now I will Listen to it in slow Motion thanks a lot Buddy.

  • @Khyber Np , Suspect originally found this way to hear the sounds easily , so big thanks to him , also make sure your audio files are Loud and mono

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