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more cop cars help

  • Hi all, first post.. hope this is the right section

    Go down for TLDR
    I am trying to make more cop cars spawn, so i checked in popcycle.dat and changed column "PercCopCars" (percentage of cars that are cop cars), I put it up to 50, that didn't do anything.
    There is another column for cars that spawn... one, only one, section had "VEH_COPCAR", so I tried adding that to other areas and it worked.. but it seems like its a city cop car, I cant find any info for spawning a country cop car. thats not a big deal tho..Now to edit every area...

    This whole file is very tedious, hundreds of different areas, each needs to be edited..There has to be an easier way
    I just want like 2x more cop cars to be driving around, is there a simple way to do this?

    TLDR; what is the best/correct way to make more cop cars spawn?
    Thanks for any help

  • Copcar is lspd
    Copcar02 is lssd

    You're looking for copcar02. And unfortunately there's no real easy way of editing popcycle that I've found. Always a tedious endeavour. Might be easier to just nab one from another mod that has cop cars in traffic (I believe Fine Tuned Felony and Response has one with cop cars in it and is vanilla and WoV compatible).

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