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Yacht Deluxe (interior lighting)

  • I have been working on a little extension for the Yacht Deluxe mod. Basically, it illuminates the yacht at night.

    It still needs work. Some lamps should improve the lighting more.

    Known bugs:
    -You must spawn the yacht near the Heist Yacht (with it enabled) otherwise the objects from it will be invalid.
    -For no reason what so ever, the yacht will randomly drop your FPS, then start freaking out launching you off of it. I tried everything to fix it, but nothing fixes it. :( When creating the yacht, this didn't happen, but loading the save file makes it occur.) The yacht is fine when you are not on it, and it also is fine when you are driving it. You can crash it into things all you want. I tried disabling collisions, making the objects dynamic or static, practically everything and it still happens.

    Now normally I wouldn't release something in this state, but I need help. I figured that if I released the file like this, someone may investigate this, as they will see that the yacht with the lights attached looks so much better and how much of a shame it is that this glitch stops you from walking around it.
    There are three options here:
    A: Find out what is causing the yacht to launch you off with the attached objects. (This approach would be very nice so my hard work doesn't go to waste, and so I can light up the Titanic too)
    B: Make a script which loads this spooner file. It then detects when you are not driving the yacht and makes it static. (This is a dirty workaround. I dislike this option.)
    C: Hope the author will update the yacht to have proper lights. (The Chinese Aircraft Carrier had a ton of light emitters on it, so it is possible. If this happened, I would be very happy)

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