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Chrome details on cars

  • Hello, is there anyone who know how to remove chrome on the cars? Or delete 'chrome' texture? Thank you.

  • @superilyaxxxl Right way is to do it in zModeler. Although, one awkward solution comes into my mind. You can try deleting envmap texture (which is usually env.dds). If it is in your car .ytd, delete it. If it isnt there, u can try deleting that from vehshare.ytd (it is located in x64e.rpf), but you will ruin other cars also with that option, so try it, if You have nothing better to do. Sometimes, it is needed to delete "vehicle_smallspecmap.dds" also, as well as env.dds). Just a random idea derived logically, I have never tried that.

  • So, I replaced vehicle smallspecmap and chrome is gone finally, and looks pretty cool, I like it. But not everything is perfect, now I don't have any colors, all the colors are black and this is sad, also I didn't found env.dds
    https://ibb.co/iKs2YF picture, what it looks like.

  • @superilyaxxxl No you have to change the texture in zmodeler 3 or if the chrome and attribute a texture that find it in their texture file.

  • just import the edited textures in the car .ytd and it won't affect all the rest.

  • This post is deleted!

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