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clean install.

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    I'd thought my rig was pretty tough. AMD FX 8350, 2TB SSD and 250GB HDD for the OS( all games and programs are/were on the SSD ). along with a zotac gtx 970, I figured I was good to go. and I was right, it ran great, for awhile. then the issues cropped up. 

    so, last night I'd had enough. after multiple crashes, video card stutter and finally an "apphangb1" error message, I'd had enough. I decided to just reformat, perform a clean install of windows, and GTA V. learned a few interesting things upon the way and I thought I'd pass them on.
    first I thoroughly cleaned the HDD with cccleaner. 2x.. then a clean install of win 7 ( yeah I know, I need 10 ). after a clean install of GTA V I booted up and it was like a new game, I gained a minimum of 11fps ( maxed out setting with reshade 3.0. that put me into the 70 fps range, as I only have a 60hz monitor I choked it off at 61fps, now it holds on 61fps pretty much everywhere in the game. a few dips into the high 40's, but only for a second, then it's right back.

    the only problem at this point was power dips. they were coming every 2-3 minutes, some not bad, annoying, but not bad. eventually one would be bad enough to crash the game. usually after 7-8 minutes of play. this scenario continued to play out until I noticed something odd. the power dips were completely in time with the sounds I was hearing ( watching the graph on afterburner showed me ).

    just out of curiosity, I ditched the nvidia HD audio and went with the onboard sound. the game runs like a champ now. even with the 300 or so cars added. the only vehicles I've replaced are emergency vehicles.

    now the game runs flawlessly, so the hassle of reformatting and the hr long DL for the game was totally worth it. the gameplay is better in every aspect now.

    hahaha, also, make sure, if you reinstall win7, you upgrade the sp1, BEFORE you try to install visual c 2015..

    my boot times are now in the 15-17 second range, that's hitting the power button and ready to log on to GTA V in 15 seonds. I'm happy.

    hope this helps somebody out.

  • Thank you man. I'm going to try this. I'm sick of the fps stutter when i drive or shoot at cops. Have been for months.
    My rig: GTX 960 4GB, I5 4460, 8GB DDR3, 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD.
    Not the best, i know. But i have played this game at smooth 60 fps 1080p before.

  • @KingsixII NVidia in graphics is pretty good, but in sound is a shit. AMD platform technology has much better performance and applications stability in sound .

    Already checked in my rig:
    Phenom II x6 OC 4.2 GHz / 8 GB RAM DDR3 / GTX 1060 6 GB / Game installation on SSD 240 GB.

    Results with nVidia HD audio = 48 - 65 FPS
    Results with VIA HD Audio AMD platform = 61 - 82 FPS

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    @Rarefacer now try it with onboard sound. you'll be surprised.

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    also, I think my next move will be a PCI sound card, one less thing the cpu has to do and it's good for 4-5 fps in most cases.

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