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Looking for a script, will gladly donate

  • Hello everyone, I've been searching and searching but can't find anything that offers what I'm looking for. If someone were to write this script I would gladly donate to them.

    Since adding guns to the store seems to be impossible, I was thinking about an arms dealer you called up or used a button to drive to a location, or even just stay at static locations across the map. In his trunk he would have a random assortment of weapons and their attachments and ammo. And be able to sell weapons to these dealers for a percentage of their cost would be cool for the ammunation trucks mod. This would bypass the problem with the dlc weapons not showing up in stores. Also, I really like the body armor storing system in GTA Online, and would like to see body armor added to the arms dealer and be able to store a couple extra like in online using a button to put new body armor on. Having the prices configurable would be preferable as I think 1500 bucks or so for weapons in SP is pretty cheap lol. And to round it all out, be able to store weapons and armor at your characters safe houses and vehicles trunk (could even be any trunk).

    Bonus points if you add a little UI that shows your Health, Armor and Special as I prefer to play with the radar off on foot and can't see my vitals. It's not a priority, I'm more worried about the stuff above.

    This mod has arms dealing but it has a bunch of extra stuff and it's not updated for the dlc weapons. Maybe it could be used as inspiration.


  • @Transflux It is a nice concept, it would be for Singleplayer, right?

  • @Eddlm anyting other than singleplayer is not supported on the website :P so i think so. let's wait for his answer.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Rereading the post I assume its for SP, but i first wondered if he was actually thinking about FiveM, for example.

    @Transflux I can't promise anything (lack of free time), but I think I would be able to script at least the arms dealer and the health hud. I don't know how the Online armor storing system works, and the safehouse/vehicle storing would be tricky, but I guess, possible.

    We'll need to discuss details, if the offer still stands.

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