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Using mods without "mods" folder?

  • I am on a fresh license, got inside the game, did those first 2-3 missions, quit game and stuffed mods in it(scripts, vehicles and textures mostly) and now when I wanted to play the first time, it randomly started updating my game and what is funny, it started from 24% and update is 61GB ? Before that, few days ago, I downloaded 68 or 69GB...

    ??? Sorry, used crack until now, wanted to turn to the right side, not cool at all...

    My SSD wont fit 2 games, unfortunately, so only without "mods" folder for me...

  • @HRH GTA V will download the original files back if you don't use the mods folder. If you want to use mods, use the mods folder.

  • @V4D3R Thank You, everything clear. Please lock the thread.



    Thread locked.

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