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Replaced Skins and Stuff

  • Well, i downloaded some mods and replaced the skins like mp_niko_001 and idk if i can go online with that. So, can i go online without being banned?

  • @Adriel-Brasil Modding and GTA V Online is prohibited on this forum.

    However, if you wish to safely play your vanilla GTA V and have followed the correct methods of modding GTA V by using a mods folder you can safely play vanilla GTA V Online by doing the following:

    • Remove the file called ScriptHookV.dll from your GTA V installation folder.
    • Rename the mods folder to something else such as mods OFF.

    Revert the steps mentioned above to enable the mods folder for Story Mode.

    You may also follow the method in the GTA V Modding Tutorial. Search for the title How to play GTA: Online safely by using two copies of Grand Theft Auto V

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