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Better perspective

  • Hi,

    something always looked off for me in GTA 5 especially when going up like in an helicopter...

    To make it real short: try aspect ration (3:2) instead of (auto) !

    Take an helicopter and go around and above the city and land on the maze bank and tell me what you think !


    @thxo1138 cream commandeline file and put the resolution you want if dont understand google it

  • This will make clear what I mean:


  • @thxo1138 I have to say they just look distorted.

    3:2 is almost the 16:10 that I use (3:2 x 5 = 15:10) but that's because I have a 16:10 monitor, I play at 1920x1200 not the usual 1920x1080. But forcing that aspect ratio onto a 16:9 monitor causes the image to squash (or stretch depending on which way you look at it).

    As an artist, I would find that very unpleasant to play, because my brain would be telling me it's wrong.

    If you really wanted to push out the perspective, you'd be better off forcing the camera in closer, then pushing it back out again with a wider field of view. That way it would still distort the image, but it would distort it in a way that was consistent with how a wide-angle lens actually works... so applying an equal distortion instead of just stretching things in one direction.

    Obviously, you like what you like but from my perspective (sorry ;) ) this isn't better.

  • @LeeC2202 Well I new that not every body was with a 1920x1080 but I should of mentioned it.
    You are making me wonder if the game is made to look better on a 1920x1200 ?

    "(3:2 x 5 = 15:10)" I did compare the two, back and fort back and fort, and the 3:2 seemed a little better.

    I should say this also about the distortion, (still on a 1920x1080) when played at normal (auto) (to me) there seems to be a distortion of the background when you get off the ground, but your player or heli or plane stays good.
    Now when you put it at (3:2) your player, heli, plane, get slightly distorted (squashed) but not that much, but (and this is why I'm talking about this) the background is much improved when you are off the ground and or flying or falling, and there is a sense of height, and the world and the objects look to have substance and 3 dimensions not a flatish distorted image.

    That said I would be curious if someone out there can compare 2 monitors side by side, one at 1920x1080 the other 1920x1200 and see if one looks better (not distorted) then the other.
    I don't see how that could be but....

  • @thxo1138 I also just remembered that gta 5 was made to work at 4k... humm

  • I've been looking at 4k pic of gta trying if I can figure out if it work better on other monitors..
    But some pic are ok and some are distorted, so I can't find out this way.
    I would need to have different monitors on hand to really know.

  • @LeeC2202 I'm just saying..if... there is a same background distortion on a 1920x1200, then an aspect ratio of 15:11 would be needed to equal the 3:2 of the 1920x1080.

  • @thxo1138 16:10 is a pretty uncommon aspect ratio for gamers, I have a pair of 16:10 monitors because I am a developer, so screen estate is the primary factor.

    If you compared 3:2 and 15:10 and saw a difference, then there is something wrong, because they are the same thing. You are simply looking at a width that is 1.5 x the height, no matter which you use.

    Auto will simply set the aspect ratio based on the resolution, so 1920x1080 will set to 16:9 and 1920x1200 will set to 16:10. 3:2 will be for 1680x1120 monitors and 4:3 for something like 1280x960.

    The actual resolution for 3:2 based on 1920 width would be 1920x1280, so what you are doing is squashing those extra 200 pixels into the space of 1080. With 1920x1200, you're only squashing an extra 80 pixels, so you will get less squashing but still some.

    At the end of the day, we make the game suit our own preferences... I'm just so sensitive to things out of shape, that I have to keep things how they should be.... I call it the curse of the artist's eye... and I can't turn it off. :)

  • @LeeC2202 No no no no,

    I was quoting you in regards to what you said.
    I did not compare 3:2 with 15:10, I don't have access to 15:10 but like you said 3:2 is the same, that's why there is no 15:10.
    You said it was close to 16:10 !
    And that is what I used, but 3:2 was better.

    We still have not determined if 1920x1200 as the same problem, if it does not then of course you are happy with what you see.
    But maybe your "artist's eye" likes things to look like photographs with a lens effect.

    I have eyes to !

    I worked as a graphic artist for 10y, and I dabbled in 3d software's, I also built my own 3d camera ect ect.

    My forte is Spatial visualization.
    I scored a 99.. I could of had 100 but was shy of a few seconds.

    My (3:2) fix is not a cure all, you have to be able to be selective in what you are looking at.

    And until you get an 1920x1080 you wont be able to know what I'm talking about I think, since there is not an equivalent fix for 1920x1200 (again if there is a need for it at all).

  • @thxo1138 Sorry, I thought you had compared the two aspect ratios...

    Anyway, I can see we're heading onto a dangerous path so I'll drop out of the conversation. I wasn't disputing what you had done, I was just offering a different perspective on achieving a more exaggerated perspective... but I can sense a conflict growing.

    That wasn't my intention, so I will unwatch, sorry for stirring the pot. :(

  • @LeeC2202 Don't make a big deal out of it.
    I respect every body's opinion or tastes, they don't need to prove anything to me.
    Not every body is looking to see things my way.
    Some play on the couch on a big tv 15 feet away, some like to play with an extra wide FOV so they can shoot better ect.

    I just ad a ton of great games in my past that were -perfect- in 3d, like HL2, san andreas, and many other.
    And I would like to repeat that experience with GTA 5 cause I like it.

    (3:2) broth me closer to that (not perfect), like if you jump of a building and you look directly at the ground rushing at you it feels much better ! :fearful:

    "I was just offering a different perspective on achieving a more exaggerated perspective..."
    On that... there is unfortunately only so much that can be done, we are limited in what we can modify in the game .

  • @Frazzlee To bad.
    Where you at least in an helicopter or parachuting ?
    Cause if you where on the ground I can totally understand.

  • Of interest.

    Barrel ?

    alt text

  • I'm looking at watch dogs 2 videos, and this is what I wish GTA 5 was like !

    I mean there is no funny distortion in WD2 !

    Every thing looks the right proportion and scale, what's big looks big (look at the bridge) and what is high looks high (looking down from the bridge) what is far looks far ect.

    I don't know exactly what Rockstar did, but I am suspecting that they intentionally used some sort of lens filter to give a cinematic view for their movie editor, but I'm guessing here.

    I don't really know exactly what's going on, but here I'm only trying to make you grasp that there is something going on, if you examine WD2 and compare maybe you will.

  • One observation I would like to share.

    What ever Rockstar did (or is part of or a limit of the rage engine ?) the vanishing point or points seems to be missing when you look for it.

    It is something that we have seen throughout most video games trough the years, even if you don't look for it you can "feel" it when looking around and it gives depth.

    That is something that is different in GTA 5.



    Look at this comparison and look and feel for the vanishing points.:

    That for me is what I think was bugging me about GTA 5, I hope GTA 6 will be better, or we all have VR by then :).

  • Hello !

    It's been a while !

    But yesterday I found something that I will share here.

    Visiting this subject again, I had an idea for search terms in google...and I found this;


    Reading this;


    "Update: as pointed-out in the comments below, it seems GTA IV was also relying on dual-paraboloid map, except it was not performed as a post-process from a cubemap: the meshes were distorted directly by a vertex-shader."

    I had a suspicion that that was what was wrong with version V of GTA !

    So I immediately taught about ; what if we put the gta 5 map in gta IV ?

    And as this been done before ?

    After searching I did find it as been done in 2014 !

    It is very alpha and there is not a lot of good vids, But it show that it fixes what for me was wrong with GTA 5 spatial 3D properties !!

    One of the good vids;

    Can you see and feel the difference ?

    Here is a download page still working.



  • Additional;

    I don't know if this is part of the problem or not and how much ?

    Again from;



    Anti-Aliasing and Lens Distortion

    If the anti-aliased method used is FXAA, it is now performed to smooth-out the jagged edges of the meshes.
    Then, to simulate a real-world camera, a lens-distortion is performed on the image by using a small pixel shader. It does not only distorts the image, it also introduces small chromatic aberrations on the edges of the frame, by slightly distorting more the red channel compared to the green and blue ones.

    It might very well be that this as no negative impact on the visual if done right, only a direct comparison between 4 and 5 lens distortion would reveal this.

  • After all this time I think I know the answer and the fix.

    It is the zoom !

  • A new, never been done before mod needs to be done !

    It is not about (FOV) or anything similar so please read carefully!

    I really hope this can be done ?

    Please, can somebody make a mod that allows you to use the same zoom function just like in the Rockstar Editor but during normal single player or story mode ?

    I want to change the default view (zoom) and reduce it from 1.00 to 0.79 and keep it that way always and play at that zoom level.

    I think I have finally found what was bugging me about GTA V visuals.

    Things for me never did not seem quite right and I could never put my finger on what it was exactly or what was causing it, I just knew things looked to compressed (near to far) !

    But just the other day I was watching a tutorial of how to make great photo's with the help of the Rockstar Editor.
    And he came to show the zoom function in the "free camera" mode, and I had a light bulb moment :bulb: and told myself this could be it !

    So I went in GTA V and recorded game plays and adjusted and played around with the zoom and studied the effects.

    I have come to the conclusion that a reduction to 0.79 as the desired effect I was looking for !

    It makes the world look much better and lets just say more accurate with less distortions.
    Buildings will look more to scale, things in the distance will look properly far away, I noticed even a 747 up above that looked much better like it was to scale and at a proper distance, before it looked like a toy.
    I'm trying but I can't explain it very well. Maybe later I can find a way to show pictures ?

    Please tell me this can be done ?


    Extra explanations;

    If you want to understand exactly what I mean is you need to go into the (Rockstar Editor) because for now this is the only place where you can do this, and I want to be able to use the function outside the (Rockstar Editor) during normal gameplay.

    So go into the (Rockstar Editor) but make sure you have recorded a clip before you go in.
    Start a new project, ad the clip you made and then chose to edit that clip.
    You will have a choice of camera settings and also the option to edit the camera, scroll trough the camera choices and choose free camera and clic at the bottom edit camera.

    I just had the great idea of simply to give the link to the video that shows all this :

    I should of done this in my first post :confounded:

    So at about 7:18 in the video he will start to show the zoom functions !

    This is what I want to make permanent during regular gameplay, specifically a zoom of 0.79 and make this permanent.

    I am strongly convinced that this will create a positive improvement.

    You can test yourself at 0.79 and look around, but I think the truth will be revealed during normal gameplay if it is successfully modded !
    If you notice when he plays with the zoom and goes into the opposite (the plus range) above the standard 1.0 observe that things get crunched together front to back (near and far come together), I believe that for some reason that the standard "1.0" Rockstar used is maladjusted and that 0.79 restores a proper view (at least in most circumstances) !

    I have tested this in multiple clips and scenarios like in a helicopter, on the ground, etc, and have seen a positive improvement !

    The map will feel and look bigger, and not small like now, if you look up at buildings they will look proper huge and tall, if you look down from a building the ground will look a proper ways down, and if you fall will better feel the ground rushing at you, things will look better when you look in the far distance, etc., etc.

    Please keep the info coming as I have no experience in creating a mod, but I could learn to mod maybe just for this. But now I'm mostly good at judging visual fidelity, I have been an infographics many years ago, I made a 3D camera in the 90's and have been playing PC games since forever and a lot of them in stereo 3D I'm pretty sure I'm right on this :cool:

    If anyone can make this mod append this would be great, and at minimum it will give most people a new way to experience the game, (just like a new game).

    One note I will ad, is that if this is achieved, it would be good if also the camera would be brought back closer to the player as standard, because the zoom at 0.79 pushes the camera back a bit, so to just bright it back closer afterwards.


  • If anybody as not guest it yet;

    I am thxo1138, or was thxo1138 !

    I just lost my password and have a different email so this is the new me :laughing:

    Not Spamming !

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