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Renault Zoe anyone?

  • Hi, this is not a practical request. I'm just curious if someone has plans to create the Renault Zoe. The future is here and electric cars are about to become a common sight.

  • @Cyron43 Lol personally I hate this car, but cool idea. Tesla Model S/X ftw :)

  • @Cyron43 is there a donation involved? i can take the request if it is.
    alt text

  • @FoxtrotDelta I don't have much money so, as I said, it wasn't a request per se, just curiosity.

  • @ethannn_ I had the chance to see a Zoe with my own eyes. I find the interior looks great and those blue light stripes in the front of the car give it the "hey that's the future" appeal. Yeah it's a matter of taste. :slight_smile:
    Zoe interior

  • @Cyron43 looks gr8 yes

  • @Cyron43 Oh wow lol that interior does actually look good

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